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3D texture sheets for Buildings and structures
Posted by Andy F. on 13 May 2013 11:05 PM

Professional surface textures made simple, clean and fast!

Structure modellers will welcome this new range of textured finishing sheets by Spanish company Redutex, which are now available from DCC Supplies ltd. (01905 621999 / 0845 224 1601

Redutex’s wide range covers walling, roofing, paving and miscellaneous textures (i.e. wood cladding) in most scales, (including 1:76 – OO and 1:148 - N).
The unique manufacturing processes ensure a realistic pre-coloured surface texture with 3D ‘look & feel, which can be easily applied to all your models. The product is pre-coloured, accurately reproducing numerous brick, rendered and stone finishes, as well as roofing and paving. Each can be obtained in ‘Natural’ (single shade) and ‘Polychrome’ (weathered and stained) versions.

The sheets measure 300mm x 120mm and contains many fine details, whilst variations and colours are reproduced to an exceptionally high level of accuracy, previously unachievable without meticulous multi-application hand finishing.

Each sheet is constructed from self-coloured acrylic resins, with a self-adhesive backing, which accurately recreates the look of practically every type of finish found on man-made structures.

The accurate 3D texture with its multi-tone colouration is simply cut to shape (using a regular modellers knife), and attached using the self-adhesive backing. The ‘Polychrome’ option offers a weathered finish for most textures. If necessary edges can be filled and painted using standard modelling products.

For those who wish to add even higher levels of detail, acrylic paints, weathering powders and washes, as well as tried and tested techniques, can all be used. The product is easily cut, shaped, bent, laminated and glued as required to fit the model or build-up effects. Again, most commonly used techniques and products can be used and applied to the texture.

To see our range, <click this link> We also have them on display in our shop, and will carry a range to exhibitions.

The full scope of the Redutex product is huge, and we are currently stocking the main model railway scales. Other textures and scales are available to order, please contact us for details.