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Information which helps us
Posted by Andy F. on 28 April 2012 11:24 AM

We’ll try to help you no matter what, but if you are able to provide as much information as possible, in a clear and concise format it will help us to respond more accurately and quickly to your enquiry. It also helps if you can include your name, and a contact telephone number in your email, so we can contact you if a conversation maybe more helpful!

We have listed below some common information which if you can provide it, will help us to understand your setup.

  • “How do I?” Questions
    Please state what it is you wish to achieve, and any constraints such as budget, time or ability that we may need to consider. If it is related to DCC then please also list additional information from the list below.

  • Problems with items you have purchased from us:
    Your order number, the problem and if a technical problem or fault, any relevant information from the list below.

  • DCC Problems:
    • Make and model of control system
    • Age (and/or software version if possible)
    • Power supply type/ make (i.e. Lenz TR150, DCC Supplies 15V, 5amp etc. etc.)
    • Any accessories (i.e. accessory decoders), and other relevant information.
    • Nature of the problem
  • Problems involving decoders:
    • Make and model of decoder
    • Make/model (and manufactures reference if possible) of locomotive/rolling stock
    • Scale/Gauge modelled
    • Nature of the problem
    • Lighting control
    • Motor control (not moving, runs backwards etc.)
    • Quality of control (Speed, jerky etc.)
    • Runs away (Won’t start/stop etc.)
    • Sound not working
    • Smell of burning/smoke!
  • Problems with locomotives:
    Please tell us the following in all cases:
    • Make/model/reference number of Locomotive
    • Scale/Gauge
    • If a kit, then please list the kit make, the motor/gearbox types and the builder’s name/company (if applicable)
    • Approximate age
    • The nature of the problem:
      • Mechanical problems:
        • Motor running, not moving
        • Seized
        • Jerky
        • Noisy
        • Derailing
        • Physical damage (describe)
      • Electrical problems:
        • Motor not running at all
        • Lights not functioning correctly (and in what way)
        • Short circuit/overload
        • Smell of burning
        • Works on DC, but not DCC