Knowledgebase: Dapol Warranty
Workshop booking in & turnaround
Posted by Andy F. on 28 April 2012 10:36 AM
  • Workshop operating hours:
    Our workshop operates 4 working days per week, between 10am and 4pm (and is closed during Bank holidays).

  • Turnaround times:
    • To maintain an efficient and fair service, we operate first-in, first-out principles within our workshop.
    • Repairs, servicing and installations have an estimated turn-around time of 10-20 working days.
    • Software upgrades are usually performed within 72hrs of receipt.
    • Time shall not be of the essence unless agreed in writing by DCC Supplies Ltd.
    N.B. Turnaround estimates exclude weekends, public holidays and transport time, and are dependent upon the availability of spare parts (where applicable).

  • Booking in:
    All work (inclusive of upgrades) is booked in and allocated a 'ticket number', if an email address is provided it is possible to use this to log into our helpdesk system and track your ticket through the various stages. You will also be updated by email as your ticket progresses.
    Whilst you are welcome to stop by and drop off work in our shop, we request that you book this in first by phone, so that we can allocate a slot, (and ticket) within the workshop’s schedule, meaning that your position in the queue will be kept for you.
  • Waiting list:
    We operate a waiting list for installations, whereby when we have more than 2 weeks of work on hand, we will place you on our waiting list, and contact you when it is time to send your locomotive(s) to us.
  • Repairs:
    Repairs follow the same process as above, but may require spare parts, or returning to the manufacturer. Availability of spare parts may affect the time it takes to complete your repair, return to the manufacturer will also increase the time for completion. We will advise you accordingly.
  • Costs:
    Wherever possible we will inform you of the cost of your work when you book it in.  If, whilst in progress, we discover that additional costs may be incurred we will consult with you before further work is performed. If parts are required and exceed £20 we will ask for your authorisation before proceeding. Return p&p is always tracked and insured and set at a minimum charge of £8.00 (within the UK) increasing in cost dependent on weight and size of parcel.