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Email response times
Posted by Andy F. on 28 April 2012 09:29 AM

Our aim is to respond to your enquiry within 2-3 working days (subject to Weekends and public holidays) however, due to the sheer quantity of email (currently around 400 per day) and telephone calls that we receive, there is a need to prioritise our response to emails and calls.

Every email and call we receive is logged and automatically acknowledged, it is  assigned a catagory and priority (by its nature, and/or urgency; i.e. an order amendment, or a problem with an order) and we respond to them in the order they are recieved, high priority emails first.
We aim to deal with high priority emails within 1 working day (2 days if submitted after 4pm)

Our need to prioritise staff time does mean that general and speculative enquiries may take a number of days to be replied to, and we apologise if this has affected you.
We are continuously working on various methods to improve our response to these equally important, but less time sensitive enquiries.

In order to help us to respond to your enquiry quicker and more completely, please provide relevent and concise information about your issue, along with any supporting information such as track plans, and make/model of equipment directly involved.

Thank you for your co-operation and understanding.