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Dapol 'No Quibble*' Warranty (from 21.03.2012)
Posted by Andy F. on 29 April 2012 07:07 PM
Dapol have introduced an improved warranty for new models produced after March 21st 2012.

Up to 2 years ‘no quibble*’ chassis exchange warranty!
  • Commencing with the new N gauge A4 and A3 steam locomotives, Dapol are altering their locomotive warranty.
  • From this date every newly released locomotive produced from Dapol in any gauge, gets a 1 year* ‘no quibble*’ chassis warranty.
  • Dapol’s service and spares agents will, upon return of the model to them, replace the chassis in your model (where possible to do so) free of any charge.
  • What’s more, at the end of the 1 year standard ‘no quibble*’ warranty period, at your option you can send your locomotive to the agent who will, for £15.00 plus P+P, service your engine, and make sure it is in tip top running condition. This will then automatically extend your ‘no quibble*’ chassis warranty for a second year.

Qualification for the 'no quibble*' warranty:
Your Dapol locomotive must have the letter ‘W’ on it’s box label or stamped onto the chassis, and must be returned to DCC Supplies along with a dated proof of purchase.

Second year extension (Optional, additional extra cost)
  • Simply return your warranty card (that will now come with every locomotive), with the locomotive to DC Supplies along with payment of £15 plus P&P where it will be stamped and dated to qualify for the extra year.
  • All we ask is that customers contact DCC Supplies by phone and ‘book’ the model in for a service / repair and pay for shipping each way. Dapol or their agents cannot be held responsible for failure to mitigate against potential loss in the post of locomotives sent for service/repair that are out of warranty.

*The small print:

  • Please note this warranty, extended or otherwise does not cover damage caused by rough handling, locomotives with decoders hardwired (All decoders must be removed for return for service/chassis exchange), drive shaft relocation or dropping as these will be classed as lack of care and fall outside the warranty.
  • The 'No-Quibble' warranty does not extend to previously manufactured and released non-‘W’ branded locomotives.
  • Please note this warranty is offered in addition to, and does not affect, your statutory rights.