Digitrax Zephyr - CV2 Programming
Posted by Fiona F. on 07 March 2019 03:39 PM

If you have a loco that is not running on speed step 1, then you may want to increase the value in CV2. Please see the steps below for doing this.

NB.: You need to check that your decoder has CV2 enabled, many of the low cost decoders do not have this option and thus you cannot change the running features of your loco.

1) Place loco on the main track and dial up the relevant address

2) Set the speed to speed step 1 and observe your loco carefully. If it does not move off then try again but on speed step 2. This is an indication that the loco needs a little boost to get it going.

3) Now place the loco on the programming track

4) Press "PROG" key until you see "dir" on the screen

5) Press "CV" key, enter the CV number your require - in this instance "2"

6) Press "CV-RD" key - to see what the current value is. Make a note of this value.

7) Now enter a value higher than the current value, eg. 10 - if your loco did not move off at speed step 1 but did at speed step 2, put in a value of 10, if it moved off later, then maybe start at a value of 15. This is trial and error and differs from loco to loco.

8) Press "CV-WR" key

9) Press "EXIT" key and move the loco back onto the main track

10) Select the loco address and try again on speed step 1, if it still does not move off and is not smooth, repeat the above exercise and add a further 5 to the value. Repeat as necessary.


Please be aware that some decoders also have CV65 which is treated similarly to CV2 but adds more refinement. Check your decoder manual to see if yours has CV65.


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