NCE - Set the Option Key for F10 - F28
Posted by Fiona F. on 14 September 2017 04:19 PM

With the availability of more functions on your sound decoders, it is very useful to be able to easily access the F10 and higher functions. To do this you can set the "OPTION" button on your handset to toggle through the levels. Here is how you do it:

First you need to access the cab set up mode:

  1. Turn on the command station
  2. Unplug the cable from the throttle.
  3. Press and hold "SELECT LOCO" whilst plugging in the throttle. You are now in "Cab Set Up" Mode. Release "SELECT LOCO".
  4. Press the Enter Key 4 times, until you have "PROG OPTION KEY" on the screen
  5. Type in a value of "122"
  6. Press "ENTER" to confirm
  7. Press "PROG/ESC" to return to main screen

Now when you press the OPTION button the screen will toggle through the function levels; remember if you want F15, press "OPTION" till you have F10-F19 on the screen and then the number 5.


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