How to use 2 PowerCabs on the same layout
Posted by Fiona F. on 05 June 2017 04:26 PM
In order to use a second PowerCab handset on your layout run by the NCE PowerCab system, you will need to set up the second handset to be a slave, see below.
Important note!  BOTH Power Cabs need to be version 1.65 or newer for this configuration to work correctly!
Remember to check each Power Cab individually with the other Power Cab disconnected.
The "primary" Power Cab should be set to cab address 2 and needs to be plugged into the Power Cab Panel (PCP) on the left side with the flat cable (6 wire). When running your layout, the primary handset should remain plugged in at all times so that power is going through the handset.
The second, slave Power Cab should use the curly cable (4 wire). This one can roam around to different panels being unplugged and moved as needed. To set up as a slave, two things need to be done to the second Power Cab. Set a start up delay and readdress the cab handset, see below:-
1) A startup delay needs to be added
  • Unplug the primary Power Cab from the panel
  • Plug the slave Power Cab into the socket for the primary Power Cab using the flat 6-wire cable (only for setting the delay)
  • On the slave Power Cab, press "PROG/ESC" 5 times until "Set CMD STN" appears on the screen
  • Press "ENTER" 14 times, until "Procab Power Up Seconds". Default Value "04" will appear on the screen
  • Enter a value between 10 and 20 seconds (maximum is 30 seconds)
  • Press "ENTER"
  • Press "PROG/ESC" to return to main screen
  • Remove the slave cab from the primary socket and plug back into the other socket using the coiled 4-wire cable.
2) Change the cab address needs to be changed.
  • Remove the cable from the slave Power Cab
  • Whilst you press and hold the "SELECT LOCO" button, plug the cable back into the handset
  • Release "SELECT LOCO" button
  • Default Cab address will appear on the screen (default 02)
  • Enter a value between 03 and 05
  • Press "ENTER"
  • Press "PROG/ESC" to return to main screen
  • Plug the primary Power Cab back in to run your layout.

 NB: it may be an idea to unplug both handsets and then plug the primary handset in first, let it boot fully before plugging in the slave handset.

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