Two Digitrax Zephyrs on same Layout
Posted by Fiona F. on 12 May 2015 04:01 PM

It is possible to have two Digitrax Zephyrs on the same layout.

The easiest method is to divide your layout into two sections, with one Zephyr located on each side. In this case, both rails should be insulated at the intersection points.

One Zephyr would be the command station while the other Zephyr must be set up as a booster and the two units connected via a LocoNet cable.

To set up your DCS51/DCS50 as a booster you will need to set Option Switch 02 to closed as follows:

1. On your DCS51/DCS50, press the PROG key. The display will show the last decoder programming mode used.

Press the SWITCH key. The display shows the last switch used and its commanded position (c or t).

Use the numeric keypad to enter 02, the number of the Option Switch you want to change.

Press the c/- key to set OpSw 02 to closed.

Press the EXIT key.

6.  The DCS50 display will show -br- to indicate that you are running as a booster/throttle without command station capability. (If you see -cS- on the display of your DCS51/DCS50 that means that you are running in command station mode).

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